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Miranda Reisma

Miranda Reisma joined our firm in August of 2020, and while starting a new job is always stressful, she had the added pressure of coming on board during a pandemic.  The year 2020 brought a host of challenges to everyone, and when she started as an associate in our accounting and tax division, it was all done virtually.  Like many on our team, Miranda works in the office and from home, keeping busy with client projects such as bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll tax returns, and sales tax returns.  Miranda and her family are new to Florida, having relocated last year from Iowa. She loved the firm she worked with up north and was thrilled to find MNMW with a similar ‘family’ atmosphere. She notes that the ability to work for a firm that provides flexibility and encourages balance with work/family life is a significant benefit in addition to the amazing culture.

When she is not balancing the books, Miranda enjoys family time.  She and her husband love spending time with their three children when they can.  That is sometimes hard since their oldest is getting married this fall, their middle child is at FSU, and their youngest only has a few more years of high school.  Often, they are making memories outdoors, which is one reason they made the trek to Florida.  In Miranda’s opinion, “Any time spent by the water is a time well spent to me.” Of course, their children are also active in sports and activities, so when not enjoying the beach, they may be supporting various sports events to cheer on their kids.  The family also includes two adorable pups, a Bischon/Shitzu mix, and a German Shephard/Husky mix.

Miranda loves to see the joy in others; her genuine personality guides her to help as much as possible without expecting anything in return.  She said, “I try to remind myself that you never know what someone else is going through.  I always try to show empathy towards others – especially when they’re not the nicest.” Life is too short, and she wants to make sure that everyone she loves knows how much they mean to her. Handing out compliments, or reminding loved ones how you feel, may make their day.   If you get the chance to meet Miranda, you will see right away that she brings a bright cheery attitude to everything she does.

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