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Joni Norton, Partner, CPA, PFS, CFP®

Joni Norton loves numbers. In fact, she is thrilled when the tax season starts.  How often do you hear that phrase? Most people dread the number-crunching time of year where we settle up with Uncle Sam, but Joni welcomes it with open arms and guides her clients through the process with ease.

Joni joined MNMW in 1981, only two years after founding partner, Gail Markham, launched the woman-led accounting firm. She worked side-by-side with Gail determined to become a partner in the firm one day, and that day came in 1986. Her name is second in our firm name after all.

When you don’t find her in the office, Joni enjoys outdoor activities and exercise.  She is an avid runner, logging in many miles a day as part of her fitness regime.  Living in Florida provides her with ample opportunity to also enjoy another love of hers, boating. Since the accounting profession tends to keep her near the computer, anytime she can find an excuse for outside fun she takes it.  Another outdoor hobby of hers is hiking; however, it can be hard to find much hiking in Florida. So, she and her family travel a lot to experience new adventures and find vacations that allow for some physical activity in nature. They tend to seek trips to new locations to see and experience other cultures and things they haven’t before.

Family is extremely important to her; she loves spending time with her husband, three children, and the family dog, Cooper. She grew up in a close family, which is still the case today. Her beliefs are rooted in her faith.  Both family and faith are the core of anything she is passionate about and drives her decisions.

Stress these days seems pretty easy to come by, so the advice that she received once from someone comes in handy. “Stop worrying about something you can’t change.” Joni knows that there are things you can control and some you can’t.  To waste time worrying about the latter only takes away from current opportunities of enjoyment.

Joni has been with the firm for nearly 40 years, so if you have not met her yet, what are you waiting for?  Next time you are in the office make sure to say hi!

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