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Lynn Rasnake, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

If you ever think you are seeing double when you see Lynn Rasnake out and about, don’t worry, your eye sight is not going bad.  She has an identical twin sister and they enjoy spending time together when possible. They are very close and were inseparable growing up, so even with busy family and work schedules these days they make sure to spend time together whenever they can.

Lynn joined MNMW in 2009 and serves as a tax manager helping clients with tax planning and preparation, as well as business consulting. However, tax time is not her only busy season. With three very active sons she is constantly on the go with travel sports.  Her middle son is now in college and still very involved in sports playing on the college baseball team as the pitcher. He is following in the footsteps of his older brother who did the same thing. She would share a quote with her sons often from Vince Lombardi, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, its whether you get up.” She feels this is important for them to know not just in sports, but in life because it applies to anything you work towards.

Even though her two oldest sons are out on their own, Lynn still stays busy with her younger son participating in school activities, helping with homework, driving him around to sports events, and just enjoying time with her family. She loves being a mom and is always making sure that she can be there for her sons.  Lynn is inspired by her own children, saying “I learn something new from each one of them every day. While supporting and helping them grow, develop and achieve their goals, they also help me grow and see things from a different perspective.” Her pride in her children is apparent in everything that she does.

Lynn works hard in anything that she commits to. When asked what advice drives her, she said someone told her once “Never give up and go after what you want. Only you control your destiny and your destination.”

Lynn’s desire to cheer and support her sons also extends to those she works with, whether it is clients or fellow team members.  She is always willing to help others with work and personal projects and will go the extra mile for those she cares about. So just remember when you see her out, it may be at a sporting event for her sons, and make sure to do a double take that it is Lynn and not her sister.

Krista Casteel, CGSP

When Krista Casteel joined MNMW in 2018, she thought her role in marketing would be pretty basic and standard – create marketing brochures, send press releases, coordinate internal communications, etc. She had no idea that this role would be so much more than that until a few months in. She would play an integral role in the changes to take place. Krista is a very creative person, enjoying things like sketching, photography, and creating digital artwork. Which is why it is quite unique that she can utilize all of those skills in an accounting and business consulting firm.

She loves Florida, having grown up on her family ranch in North Fort Myers, she spent many days with animals of all sizes. She would raise and show rabbits and horses for the local and state 4-H competitions, which explains her great love of animals. These days she relaxes at home with her husband (having just married) and their chihuahua named Nugget. When not at work, they like to dive in to adventures where ever possible. These adventures include traveling, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and almost anything with the outdoors. She hopes to take one of these adventures to New Orleans soon to experience the culture that thrives daily in the city – from the delicious cuisine, to the music bouncing off of buildings as someone plays the sax from their balcony.

When at work Krista plays a large role in the success of the firm, helping to launch and oversee the newest element at MNMW, MNMW Talks. She produces informative videos along with another team member to share with clients and followers on social media. Additionally, she manages the website for the firm and has recently started to manage the website content for several MNMW clients too.

Her mom is an inspiration to her, sacrificing so much to ensure that Krista could have a great future. She notes that her moms’ example of professionalism and responsibility have molded who she is today. Krista was even able to graduate from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) with no college debt due in large part to her mom setting a great example of how to be independent and responsible.

Krista is proud to be a third generation 4-H’er. In 4-H she learned many great lessons as well, one in particular, coming from her mentor and Lee County 4-H Agent, Cathy Suggs. She said “Be a blessing, not a burden” which is something Krista carries with her to make sure that she always contributes positivity whenever possible and works to avoid any negativity.

Her amazing personality and positive attitude are apparent every day in the office.  Hopefully you get the opportunity to meet her, and you never know, you could end up on MNMW Talks one day…

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