Every other month, we feature two MNMW team members, providing you with information to help you get to know us better!

Randy Wright, CPA

Randy Wright is a lucky guy, to be surrounded by so many ladies! This is because he is one of six men to 41 women at MNMW. He joined the firm 33 years ago as a team member where he later became Partner, and as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) he oversees the training and development of the tax team.

When he graduated college, he knew two things: that he wanted to be a successful accountant and that he and his wife Debbie wanted to live in Fort Myers Florida. When he interviewed with MNMW he was also in talks with two other firms. But as luck would have it, he was offered a job at the young and growing firm with Gail Markham and Joni Norton. That checked one of the items on his list, and the second one quickly followed as his career in accounting has been successful and rewarding ever since.

If you don’t find Randy in the office, there is a chance you can catch up with him on the golf course. Many times on his off days, he grabs his clubs and hits the links to de-stress, and after a busy tax season that is a well-needed break. If you miss him on the course though he could be at the beach reading a good book or traveling with his wife. They both love to explore, and after raising their three sons, they hope to tackle a few bucket list items and visit Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and Australia.

Randy’s parents are his inspiration. They worked hard and raised four children on a “shoe-string” budget. His father ran a restaurant in Ohio called “Roll-Wright Inn,” which was a play on the family name and his mothers’ maiden name of Roll. The summers were booming in the restaurant industry up there, but when winter arrived sales were not always great. However, Randy and his siblings were none the wiser because his parents found ways to make things work. Eventually the family moved to southwest Florida and opened a business that specialized in interior decorating and related renovations. Because of his parents’ example, a quote that resonates with Randy is from Jim Valvano: “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”

Some key advice he received is to never stop learning. Once you do, the world can pass you by. Randy also feels that it is wise to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and have different experiences. This allows you to learn from others and achieve success on whatever your goals are.

Even though Randy and his family are major Ohio State University fans, his roots are here in Fort Myers. So, if you come by the office, and you don’t see Randy there, you might catch him out and about enjoying the Florida weather on one of the many golf courses in our community.


Courtney Crowley

“If you expect to find happiness in someone else, you are doing yourself a disservice. Make yourself happy and bring people into your life that will help feed that.” This is advice that Courtney Crowley received years ago and continues to live by every day. She joined the MNMW team in 2019, as part of the Litigation Support, Forensic Accounting and Mediation Services division. Her role in the firm allows her to combine her passion for numbers with the ability to create a story, by piecing together the facts to find solutions and resolutions for those involved.

She says that she is motived by her past and inspired by the future she is working towards to be better in all aspects of life. In our community, Courtney is extremely passionate about tackling food insecurity and homelessness. Having worked for a local non-profit that focused on these areas, she stated that she was “…blessed to have worked in the not-for-profit sector and really made a difference to people that are struggling with meeting basic human needs.” Coming to MNMW, she was happy to see that the culture in the firm was very proactive in helping the same non-profits she was already so passionate about.

When not in the office crunching numbers, Courtney spends time with her husband and their pets: three black mouth curs named Apocalypse, Alpha and Omega and one cat named Zombie. She is a huge advocate for the “adopt don’t shop” movement, which is how they have quite the furry brood. They have even served as pet fosters for the local humane society to help them conserve space while the animals await their forever homes.

Courtney also loves reading and photography but has confessed that her free time right now is focused on preparing for her Certified Public Accounting (CPA) credentialing exams. So while she may have the chance to read books right now, they are not the fictional ones for leisure, but rather books that will help her earn her CPA. In fact, she is working so hard to earn her CPA credential that she is already counting that as one of the highlights in her life once she achieves it. Some of her others include marrying her husband, graduating with her bachelor’s and master’s in Accounting from FGCU, and closing on her home.

When asked about something unique about her, Courtney confessed that she does not have a microwave at home. This tells us she may be pretty savvy in the kitchen then, not needing to warm up microwave dinners.

She is pretty quiet and prefers to be behind-the-scenes. But if you have the chance to meet Courtney, you will see right away that she is a genuine and hard-working person. We hope that you can cross paths with her sometime, maybe helping with a local food drive.

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