Finding a needle in a haystack: Tips to hiring in a tight labor market

With an unemployment rate of 3.7%, the lowest in many decades, the pool of qualified candidates for an open position is significantly diminished. Check out these tips to hiring,  that can help you find the best candidate for your organization:

Consider being more flexible with requirements: If you can’t get the exact skills you desire, do candidates have other skills that would transfer well to your open position, especially with some training? Is a four year degree required or could years of relevant experience substitute for a degree?

Use your social media pages: Because there are so few active job seekers, focus on passive job seekers: People who are not actively looking for a job but if they see an opportunity on your social media page, they may entertain a conversation with you about it.

Market your job and your company: Because job seekers can be selective in a tight labor market, they may be hesitant to reply to confidential job postings. Choosy candidates want to research the website of a potential employer and check out on-line reviews before making a decision to apply. Make sure your job and your company look attractive to candidates who have a myriad of job choices right now.

Act quickly: If you find a candidate who interests you, respond quickly. They may not remain available for long.

Make the right job match: There’s nothing more frustrating, in any job market, than hiring someone only to find out that the person is not well suited to the job. Take the time to analyze the job’s needs and what it rewards. Measure candidates against that benchmark using targeted interview questions and assessments, such as Talent Insights, to match candidates’ behavioral styles and intrinsic motivators to the that of the job.

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