Every other month, we feature two MNMW team members, providing you with information to help you get to know us better!

Victoria Loyola, CPA, CHBC, Partner

Growing up, Victoria Loyola tried to live with this motto in mind: “Choose to shine, we are responsible for our own happiness.” That’s why she approaches everything with an upbeat attitude and outlook, knowing that her positivity could brighten the day of others she encounters. Vickie, as she likes to be called, has been with MNMW since 2005, starting as an intern and working all the way to firm partner.

During her time with MNMW, Vickie has expanded her knowledge in the tax world, while fine-tuning her focus in the area of healthcare tax planning and preparation, as well as business and medical practice consulting. She helps clients find the best solutions for their businesses and can assist in most any aspect of business planning, from startups, to mergers, to acquisitions and basic day-to-day operations.

As a single mom to a son and daughter, Vickie tries hard to maintain a good work/life balance. It is important to her to be there for anything relating to her children, and in tax season she has to carefully plan her schedule to ensure she gets that special time with them. They are very active with school and church activities. When they’re not in such an event, you can find the trio at the beach—the place where Vickie says she likes to unwind, with a good dramatic novel in hand.

Vickie is obviously proud to be a mother, but she also feels that graduating from college and earning her CPA license are major achievements in her life, too. She learned a lot from her parents, especially her dad who provided a model of the kind of person she wanted to be. His actions demonstrated his loyalty and dedication to everyone he loved and everything he did. Because of his example, Vickie tries to give back to our community as much as she can. She serves on the board for the United Way and Valerie’s House, a nonprofit for children coping with loss, and regularly participates in programs with her church, St. Cecilia’s Catholic Community. Vickie radiates a fun and welcoming personality that you are sure to experience if you encounter her. We’re sure she’ll inspire your “shine” to radiate as well!

Jessica Walker, MA, APR, CPRC

When you think of a public relations/marketing professional, you probably don’t envision him or her in an accounting and business consulting firm. But that is exactly where Jess Walker has been since 2016, and she is thriving there. She heard that MNMW was creating a new marketing/PR position to expand and promote the firm’s already stellar reputation. Knowing about the great team and culture at MNMW, she jumped at the chance to join the firm and has loved it ever since. She not only handles the marketing and PR for MNMW, but she also has expanded the marketing division to offer these same services to firm clients and potential clients.

When she is not crafting media releases, overseeing brand management, updating the firm’s social media pages and handling the internal/external communications, you can find Jess spending time with her husband and two daughters planning vacations, boating, hiking and visiting the beach. She loves the outdoors and takes advantage of the beautiful region we live in. Jess also has a dog and cat. After seeing how dogs help others in times of need, she registered her boxer-lab mix, Stella, as a therapy dog so they can participate in programs at the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) and Valerie’s House. The CAC helps kids who have experienced a personal trauma work through their emotions in therapy sessions.

Valerie’s House works with children who have lost a parent, providing care and support to both the children and the surviving parent. Stella and Jess visit with the kids and families to help alleviate any stress or anxiety that arises during therapy or group discussion sessions. “To see the smile that Stella brings to those she visits is such a reward; it really makes you appreciate the small things,” Jess said.

Jess said she tries to live her life giving back and helping others when she can. That’s a lesson she learned early on; her parents instilled in their only child the importance of treating others as she would like to be treated. Jess took their lesson to heart and strives to remember that the people she encounters every day may be experiencing hardships that no one else knows. She works to treat everyone she encounters with kindness. Surely this explains why she is always smiling!

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