Each month, MNMW features two team members, providing you with information to help you get to know us better!

Renee Kolbeck 

MNMW welcomed Renee Kolbeck in 2016 as a full-time tax accountant. She assists individual and business clients with tax preparation and filing, as well as providing supportive accounting services. The culture and opportunities to grow within the firm were a big part of why she jumped at the chance to join the team at MNMW.

Renee is someone everyone should keep an eye on. Having a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accountancy, pursuing her Master’s degree in Accountancy, and having already successfully passed all four parts of the CPA exam to become a Certified Public Accountant once she meets her remaining college credit requirements, are all examples of how high Renee sets her impressive goals.

She is focused on work and school, however when she has free time she enjoys the outdoors.  Often you can find her at the beach with her friends, or boating and kayaking on the beautiful waters of Southwest Florida.  When at home, Renee loves to dote on her dog, a sweet little Chihuahua. Traveling is something else she wants to do more of, with her bucket list destination being Australia.

We have a wonderful group of people working here at MNMW, and Renee has been a great addition to that. The MNMW Team is very proud of everything Renee has achieved thus far and know that anything Renee sets her mind to she can accomplish.

Ginny Yates 

Ginny Yates helps provide unique services to our MNMW clients.  Our firm offers several other services outside of tax and accounting, and Ginny heads up our PrimePlus division.  The services she provides in PrimePlus focus on helping clients with their choices as they age to ensure that their lives are comfortable and they can have peace of mind. Ginny is a natural in this role, as she has such a nurturing personality that can put anyone at ease. She joined MNMW in 2007, serving as a consultant in the area of elder services and in some cases as a professional guardian.

Ginny stays busy with her clients, but loves to spend time with her family when possible.  She has three children and four grandchildren, and she lights up whenever you ask her about them.  Her PrimePlus services even came in handy at home with her “elder cat” who lived until the age of 28.

She has a giving heart, volunteering as much as she can, Ginny found a real passion assisting with affordable housing in our community. If at home, she settles in with a good book or enjoys working in her yard.

Whenever you see Ginny, all you can do is smile, as she has such a positive outlook on everything.  In fact, she loves to promote PMA – Positive Mental Attitude! The best advice she ever heard is simple – “choose to be happy!” Make sure if you are in the office and can say hi to Ginny that you do, she will put a smile on your face!

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