Each month, MNMW features two team members, providing you with information to help you get to know us better!

Emily Marcus

Emily Marcus joined MNMW in 2017 as an accountant with the firm. She was excited to join our team because our environment aligned with her strong sense of professionalism and she knew that the culture here provided her ideal work environment.

Outside of the office she spends time with her husband and two children, as well as their two pet cats. She is passionate about her family and the fun adventures that they all enjoy together. Traveling is at the top of their list with New Hampshire being a favorite location, and they all hope to one day visit Italy as well.

If she is not vacationing somewhere, you can find her enjoying some of her other favorite past times: cooking and reading. Emily is proud of many things in her life, with the highlights including her children and her educational and professional achievements. She is based in our Fort Myers office, and is usually working closely with clients. If you get a chance to work with her you will find she has a kind personality and is amazing with detail.

Cory Mahosky

Cory Mahosky came to MNMW in 2017 as a Tax Intern. His strong work ethic and desire to learn were immediately evident; upon the conclusion of his internship, Cory was offered a full-time position with the firm as a Tax Accountant. Fortunately for the firm, Cory accepted, noting the firm’s supportive and positive culture as a key factor in his decision. Cory is currently working towards his Master’s degree at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), with plans to pursue his CPA license thereafter.

When not in the office, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. They usually enjoy quality time through a variety of games and activities, but he does like to volunteer in the classroom where one of his friends teaches, and does the same with his mother’s class too. This is a way he is able to spend time with those he cares about, but also give back to others as well. And sometimes he likes to take a break from things to sit down and enjoy a good book during his off time. Travel is another hobby of his, and he enjoys visiting Lake Orion Michigan in the summer months. One day he hopes to see Boston and Las Vegas too. We are proud to have Cory as part of our firm and hope you get to meet him in the near future!

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