Each month, MNMW features two team members, providing you with information to help you get to know us better!

Sue Schade

Many of you have probably met Sue Schade when you have been in our Fort Myers office. Sue has been with MNMW as an Administrative Assistant in the front office since 2011. She worked with an accounting firm in Detroit, and when she and her husband relocated to southwest Florida, she found MNMW and loved the culture and environment.

When you don’t see her in the front office, you may find her enjoying the beach. She loves being near the water, and travels to the different islands in the Caribbean whenever possible. To relax she works out or reads, and dotes on their sweet pup Carson. She and her husband have been married for 43 years, and love to visit with their son and two grandsons whenever possible.

Sue is inspired by her mom in so many ways, and loves to help others whenever possible. She is passionate about helping children and dogs through a few local non-profits, and is eager to make a difference where she can. She heard some advice long ago that stuck with her and helps her manage any stress and worry, that advice is “Let go…Let GOD.” She tries to make sure that she helps someone smile every day. Chances are when you visit our office in Fort Myers, you will encounter Sue, who has a happy demeanor and a big smile always on her face.

Elisa Bowersox

Elisa Bowersox joined the firm in 2014, and serves as a Senior Tax Accountant. When looking at local tax firms before her move to Florida, she saw MNMW was on the ‘Best Companies to Work for In Florida’ list, and even described a “FUN Committee” on the company website. Once she learned more about the firm and its culture for its team members, she was hooked and wanted to find out how to get on board. She is a hard worker on any project she commits too, and that dedication paid off recently as she has earned her license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

When she is not crunching the numbers, Elisa enjoys spending time with her husband Butch and their two dogs. They love fishing, hanging out with friends, supporting their Pittsburgh sports teams, and visiting any beach. Family and church are very important to Elisa, so making sure she has quality time with both is a priority.

Many people don’t realize that Elisa loves to dance. As a child she participated jazz and aerobic dancing for many years. In the near future, Elisa hopes to take lessons to learn the art of ballroom and salsa dancing.

A special quote that resonates with her is from Edmund Lee, “Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Of the things she is most proud of in life, marrying her best friend is the most important, as well as earning her bachelor and master’s degrees. She tries to always live in the moment, because she feels that living in the past causes you to miss out on the memories taking place right then.

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