Each month, MNMW features two team members, providing you with information to help you get to know us better!

Nancy Gaffney

Nancy Gaffney came on board with MNMW in September of 2017, right after Hurricane Irma.  She is a forensic CPA who assists in many aspects of the firm such as litigation support, forensic accounting, and mediation services. Nancy has said that the people working in our firm are what drew her to seek employment with us.  When she is not breaking down the facts for a case at work, she can be found playing pickleball, doing yoga, kayaking and even completing Sudoku puzzles – noting that she just can’t be away from numbers for too long.  She and her husband of 38 years enjoy these hobbies together and love when their son visits.  They have a cat who sits curled up next to Nancy every chance she gets.

Nancy likes to help others outside of work as well, she is currently volunteering at Community Cooperative.  If the firm has opportunities to help local non-profits, she is one of the first ones to sign up.

A little fun fact about Nancy is that she played basketball in college.  That may not seem to be out of the ordinary unless you have met her and see that she is only five feet tall!

Nancy has a heart of gold that she must have gotten from her mother who always told her to live by the Golden Rule – Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.  If you bump into her in the office, you will see a big smile on her face, as she always has such a positive and upbeat attitude.

Debbie Thompson

Debbie Thompson has been a Tax Accountant with MNMW since August of 2015.  She was already working in the accounting industry, and saw the culture that our firm offered clients and team members, and knew she wanted to be part of it.

On evenings and weekends, she loves to be outside and spending time with her grandchildren.  Some of her favorite things include going to the beach, fishing, and attending sporting events for her favorite teams.  She is a proud mom of two children, and a grandmother to three.  Her daughter has been an inspiration to her, Debbie says because she is a paramedic, mom, coach, and student, and makes it all look so easy to manage.  Debbie has two cats she spoils at home, and when she has the opportunity to travel she does, noting that her one of her favorite vacation spots is the Islands in Vermont, and yes there are islands there!

She is passionate to volunteer with groups that help children and animals, since they are not always able to help themselves.  She loves her family, stating that the birth of her children and grandchildren were the best things in her life.  Debbie is also very proud to have earned her Master’s degree in Taxation and Accounting from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in 2010.  One of the most important tips she received for the professional world is to always be prepared for meetings.  So know that if you have a meeting with Debbie in our offices, she will have all of her I’s dotted and T’s crossed to dive right in to the heart of the matter.

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