Each month, MNMW will feature two of our team members, providing you with information to help you get to know us better!

Taylor PelusiPhoto of Taylor Pelusi

Taylor started with MNMW as an intern from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU).  During that time, she welcomed the supportive culture and was grateful that the team was always eager to help her succeed and learn more.  The firm offered Taylor a full time position as a tax accountant upon graduation in May 2016 and she jumped at the chance.

Taylor is also appreciative that the firm encourages a good work/life balance.  Outside of the office she enjoys playing 70’s rock on her guitar, reading books by Stephen King, as well as classic literature (Fitzgerald, Hemingway, etc.), and plays left field in a community softball league.  Recently she found a new outlet for stress, and trains as a weight power lifter!  She enjoys spending time and traveling with her friends and family, as well as hanging out with her sweet Boston terrier pup.

Recently, Taylor traveled to Germany and hopes to scratch Italy off her list sometime in the near future.  She is a focused and determined person, and when she sets her mind to something, she works hard for it. The quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald is one that she can relate to the most, “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”  We are so glad Taylor is part of our team and hope that you get to meet her when you stop by the office in the future.

Shan YeungPhoto of Shan Yeung

Shan has been with MNMW since 2014 as a tax accountant.  She was drawn to the MNMW family because of its culture and welcoming environment, for both clients and team members. She appreciates the firm’s upbeat atmosphere, the flexibility of work/life balance, and the encouragement and support provided to, and by, all team members.

When not in the office taking care of her clients and accounts, Shan enjoys spending time with friends, as well as her German shepherd and her cat.  Shan is an avid reader of science, business, and economics books.  She is always looking for opportunities to learn new ideas and experiences that open her eyes and expand her way of thinking and approaching things.  In her down time, she also enjoys playing video games (currently playing Monster Hunter World), playing a variety of music, including Japanese pop and movie and anime theme music on her piano, and broadening her skill in speaking Japanese.  Her favorite place to visit is Japan, and she hopes to visit other countries such as Germany, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, and more.  For Shan, learning and seeing new things is very rewarding.

Shan came to the United States from Hong Kong when she was 17 years old as an exchange student and worked hard to achieve her master’s degree and CPA designation, as well as a degree in music.  She sets and achieves her goals by using Robert Kiyosaki’s quote, “FOCUS – Following One Course Until Successful.”  The best advice she received is when someone told her “Our limit and what we can accomplish is set by our own mind.”  We hope that you get a chance to meet Shan when you are in the office.

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