U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Releases New I-9 Form

  • Newest form has a revision date of 07/17/17 N at the bottom
  • New form must be used starting September 18, 2017 or can be used immediately

On July 17, 2017 yet another version of Form I-9 was released.

Through September 17, 2017 employers are permitted to use the prior most recent I-9 form that has a revision date at the bottom of 11/14/16 N but starting on September 18, 2017 employers must use the newer version that has a revision date of 07/17/17 N at the bottom.

Alternatively, employers are permitted to simply start using the new form immediately which is advisable so as to alleviate any concern about forgetting to make the change in September.

The most recent version of the form can be found by clicking HERE

Below is a list of the minor changes made to the form with a revision date of 07/17/17 N:

Revisions to the Form I-9 instructions:

  • Changed the name of the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices to its new name, Immigrant and Employee Rights Section.
  • Removed “the end of” from the phrase “the first day of employment.”

Revisions related to the List of Acceptable Documents on Form I-9:

  • Added the Consular Report of Birth Abroad (Form FS-240) to List C. Employers completing Form I-9 on a computer will be able to select Form FS-240 from the drop-down menus available in List C of Section 2 and Section 3. E-Verify users will also be able to select Form FS-240 when creating a case for an employee who has presented this document for Form I-9.
  • Combined all the certifications of report of birth issued by the Department of State (Form FS-545, Form DS-1350 and Form FS-240) into selection C#2 in List C.
  • Renumbered all List C documents except the Social Security card. For example, the employment authorization document issued by the Department of Homeland Security on List C will change from List C #8 to List C #7.